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Splinter Cell Double Agent was the fourth installment in the highly acclaimed action stealth series from Ubisoft. After the death of his daughter Sam Fisher goes off the rails, and with nothing to live for, accepts the most dangerous mission of his career.

Going deep undercover Sam's mission was to inflitrate a terrorist organization to stop their activities and gain evidence against the core members. Througout the cinematic action packed story the player visits a variety of amazing locations, from the wartorn streets of Kinshasa, the frozen decks of an oil tanker, to the rooftops of a Shanghai skyscraper.

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The gameplay of Splinter Cell Double Agent was an interesting evolution in the traditional stealth series. Players not only had to deal with brightly lit daytime environments, but were also challenged by dual objectives both for the terrorist organization and the NSA. Player's were presented with morale dilemas throughout the story, which directly affected the trust of each organization. Will you commit crimes to retain your cover and risk the NSA thinking you may have gone rouge, or do you try to stay true to your beliefs and risk blowing your cover? Through the amazing graphics of the next generation consoles, Splinter Cell Double Agent was an incredibly immersive and cinematic experience.

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Splinter Cell received many high scoring reviews at release and accolades from the video games media:

IGN: Review 9/10

Team Xbox: 9.1/10

Planet Xbox 360: 9/10

Xbox Zone: 9/10

Eurogamer: 9/10

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Game Chronicles: 9/10

Totally 360: 9/10

My Gamer: 9/10

Xbox Addict: 9.4/10 9.2/10

Game Zone 9.2/10

Atomic Gamer: 91%

Gaming Target: 91%

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