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Other Projects

Throughout my career I have worked both in production and design, managing the quality and content of many AAA brands.

For the first 4 years of my career I worked in publishing at GT Interactive and Activision on many interesting projects, which provided me with an invaluable foundation for the rest of my career.

The following are some of the main development projects I designed or produced during the early stages of my career.


Peter Pan 2: blue52

Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland was a 3rd person action adventure for the PlayStation 2. My role was Creative Director, Producer and Lead Designer for the whole project.

The title was developed to a tight deadline and in only 12 months the game was designed, created, tested and released with 12 languages in time for the theatrical release.

Even though the game was designed for a younger audience, the gameplay was fun and included sword fighting, platform puzzles, flying sections, multiple boss fights, all joined together with clips from the movie.

Peter Pan 2

Toy Story 2: Activision

Toy Story 2 was a 3rd person action adventure where you played the role of Buzz Lightyear on a desperate mission to rescue Woody from the evil toy collector Al.

The gameplay combined platform and jumping puzzles in large scale environments, which followed the plotline of the film very closely taking the player through all of the core scenes and events.

My role on the project was 3rd party producer, coordinating the development of the Playstation, N64, Dreamcast and PC versions. The game was a lot of fun to work on and it was a great experience working with the develoment team at Travellers Tales.

Toy Story 2

DiscWorld Noir: GT Interactive

Discworld Noir was a point and click adventure for the PC set in the crazy world of Terry Pratchett. The game followed the adventure of a private detective call Lewton who was investigating a sinister murder in Ankh Morpork.

The game's story was an original creation unlike previous games in the series and contained the voice talent of many well known actors including Rob Brydon, Nigel Planer, Kate Robbins and Robert Llewellyn.

My role on the project was 3rd party producer, coordinating the development with Perfect Entertainment.

Discworld Noir

Duke Nukem Zero Hour: GT Interactive

Duke Nukem Zero Hour was a 3rd person shooter designed specifically for the N64. The game saw Duke chasing aliens through time in an attempt to stop their evil plan to alter the course of history.

The game contained both a single player story mode and a 4 player split screen deathmatch.

The game was a lot of fun to work on due to the total unpolitical correctness of the main character. My role on the project was 3rd party producer for GT Interactive, working closely with Eurocom in Derby.


Duke Zero Hour

Duke Nukem 3D: GT Interactive

"Hail to the King baby!" The original Duke Nukem, now that was a game, in the days before Quake where you could shrink your enemy and squash them under your boot.

I worked as the 3rd party producer on the Playstation version of the game. The development was a conversion of the original title, with a newly created episode containing new levels parodying other games. Levels included Womb-Trader, President Weavel and Wip-E-Out.

The game was great fun to work on, especially writing and recording the new script for Duke. "Suck on my Boomstick!"

Duke 3D

Creatures: GT Interactive

Creatures was one of the first titles I produced at GT Interactive. The game was an experiment into creating a game containing animals with a simulated brain that could learn things from the player. The creatures ate, played, mated and reproduced. They could get sick and get into fights with the 'Grendels' and would eventually die.

The game was quite mind blowing to work on with creatures mutating across generations, inheriting the genes of their parents and becoming smarter. There were some very strange events including a creature that mutated to create the 'Highlander gene' and would not grow old and age and therefore could never die.


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