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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was the 3rd installment in the highly sucessful Ubisoft series. This mission took place in the heart of Mexico City, where the Ghosts were charged with the rescue of the President of the United States after he is kidnapped by rebels.

Throughout the missions the player controls and gives tactical commands to a small group of highly trained special force troops. The core gameplay difference with Advanced Warfighter is that the Ghost's are using the very latest in military technology all controlled from the innovative Cross-com system. Players have the full force of the US military at their fingertips from unmanned ariel vehicles to satalitte imaging, and air strikes.

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The gameplay experience of GRAW is incredibly immersive and strategic as the player fights waves of rebels on the ground, while giving orders to his 3 man squad and commanding US military support vehicles.

Throughout the missions the player battles throughout the war torn city, tracking and chasing down the President and his captures. Eventually the President is rescued, but the 'briefcase' containing the nuclear missle codes is stolen. The Ghosts fight on chasing the briefcase and the leader of the rebel faction responsible for staging the coup and kidnapping the President. At the end of the game the briefcase is retrieved and order is returned to Mexico City once more.

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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter received high scoring reviews at release and was very well received by the media:

Official Xbox Magazine 9/10 (Print)

Play Magazine: 9/10 (Print)

Game Informer: 7.5/10 (Print)

MS Xbox World 7.5/10

Team Xbox 7/10


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