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Released: July 30th 2009



Fat Princess | Creative Director / Lead Designer

Fat Princess is a fast and frantic, 32 player pick-up-and-play, blood infused blast of hilarity. The game pits two teams against one another, each desperate to rescue their Princess from the depths of the enemy Castle. To achieve their goal players can collect hats , to change into different characters, each with their own skills and special abilities. Will you play the Mage and burn your enemies to cinders, or the Warrior and slice them to pieces? Fat Princess is all about working as a team. Will you collect resources and upgrade your Castle? Or will you feed the Princess Cake, making it harder for the enemy to carry her? It is all up to you!

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The unique mixture of the games graphical style, action gameplay, team strategy, humor and buckets of blood create an experience unlike any other. Where else can you fatten up a Princess while simultaneously blowing a horde of enemies to pieces with a well placed bomb?

The game is to be released in Spring 2009 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and will be available to download from the PlayStation Store. For more information about the game and to find the latest screenshots, visit the official Fat Princess website.

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* 32 Players online via the PlayStation Network

* Multiple classes to play each with their own skills and strategies to contribute to the battle.

* A Variety of themed gameplay environments, each with their own strategies to uncover.

* 4 Game modes including Rescue the Princess and Invasion.

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Throughout development Fat Princess has received an amazing number of award nominations, including 11 Best Game of the Year nominations for 2009. Here are some links to the main awards:

2009 Game of the Year Nominations & Awards

Spike Video Game Awards: Nomination - Best Downloadable Game 2009

IGN: Nomination - Best PlayStation Store Game 2009

IGN: Nomination - Best Downloadable Console Game 2009

Gamespot: Nomination - Best Original Downloadable Console Game 2009

Gamespot: Nominated - Best Competitive Multiplayer Game 2009

Gametrailers: Nominated - Best Strategy Game 2009

Gametrailers: Nominated - Best Multiplayer GAme 2009

Gametrailers: Nominated - Best Downloadable Game 2009 Nominated - Best Downloadable Game 2009

Digital Battle: Runner Up - Best Downloadable Game 2009

Gameworld: Runner Up - Best Downloadable Game 2009


E3 2009 Awards

IGN: Runner Up - Best Downloadable Game

Gamespot: Finalist - Best Downloadable game


E3 2008 Awards

Fat Princess was one of the surprise hits of E3 2008, being nominated for over 15 awards, and winning Best Downloadable Console Game from

Links to some of the major awards an nominations Fat Princess has received include:

IGN: Winner - Best Downloadable Console Game

Daily Game: Winner - Best Arcade/PSN/Wiiware Game

IGN: Runner Up - Best Multiplayer Experience

IGN: Runner UP - Best Action Game

IGN: Runner UP - Best PSN Game

IGN: Runner Up: - Special Achievement for Innovation

Gamespy: 2nd Place - Best Downloadable Game of Show

1UP: Runner Up - Best Downloadable Game

1UP: Runner UP - Best New Title

Game Trailers: Runner Up - One to Watch

Game Trailers: Runner Up - Best New Franchise

Game Trailers: Runner Up - Best Strategy Game

WhatIfGaming: 2nd Place - Best Downloadable Game

IGN Award PicGame Daily Best of E3


Fat Princess has been incredibly well received by the market and media, and is constantly referred to as one of the best downloadable titles of 2009. The following links are media articles and interviews directly with me discussing the design and development of the game:

Video Diaries & Interviews

Fat Princess Development Diary #1

Fat Princess Development Diary #2

PlayStation Blog Interview

G4 TV Interview


Online Interviews Interview

1UP Preview

IGN Q&A Session

Gamasutra Interview

Eurogamer Interview

MSNBC Interview

Gamesmaster Magazine Interview


Since it's annoucement there has been a flood of great press about Fat Princess. Here are several links to key articles about the game:

Game Reviews

Gamepro: 9.0

IGN: 9.0

Destructoid: 9.0

Gamer Limit: 9.3

Gaming Excellence: 9.3

Game Focus: 9.2

Gaming Age: 9.1

Kombo: 9.0

Vandal Online 9.0

Womderwall: 9.0

Meristation: 9.0

Sixth Axis: 9.0

Gamerboyz: 8.8

PSX Extreme: 8.5

Playtm: 8.5

Total PlayStation: 8.5

Entertainment Depot 8.5

VG Chartz: 8.4

1UP: 8.3


Additional Media

IGN: Fat Princess hands on review from the CES show

Gamespot: Hands on review from CES show

Destructoid: Hands on impressions from CES show

Game Trailers: Demo videos of the game from CES show - Average vote score 9.2

IGN: 2009 Hot List - GTA IV, God of War III, Final Fantasy & Fat Princess :)

IGN: Article - The Past, Present & Future of PSN. Fat Princess credited as most anticipated game by editors.

Joystiq: Overview of Sony's Keynote E3 speech and the unveling of Fat Princess

IGN: Preview of the game from E3 2008 - "Holy crap, I've found the game of E3!"

1UP: Preview of the Game from E3 2008

Joystiq: Hands on from E3 2008

Kotaku: Various Fat Princess media links


Important links to the companies behind the development of Fat Princess:

Official Sony Fat Princess Site

Official Titan Studio Site


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